Here you can Vivo Franco Kids Bedding Super Soft Plush Cuddle Pillow. Official description: Sony’s musical animated feature Vivo is an incredible story of friendship and adventure. Now kids can bring the adorable title character home with this cute “Vivo On The Drum” shaped cuddle pillow. Whether for bedtime or playtime, kids love the cozy comfort of this Vivo-shaped character pillow. The high-quality polyester plush material is soft and snuggly and the polyester fill provides plenty of cushioning. The dimensional hat and tail, along with embroidered facial features, bring the musical monkey to life. When this pillow isn’t playing or cuddling up for a bedtime story, it helps complete the décor of a Vivo-themed bedroom. The Sony film Vivo is a musical animated adventure set in Cuba and Florida. With this soft and snuggly “Vivo On The Drum” cuddle pillow, kids can re-enact their favorite scenes or simply enjoy a quiet cuddle with their favorite Vivo character.

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