The Disney Film Wish 16 Month 2024 Calendar was spotted, it’s showcasing the characters from the enchanting Disney cartoon, Wish. The calendar features Asha, King Magnifico, Asha’s friend Dahlia, her goat Valentino, and the whimsical magical creature named Star.

Each month of the calendar will bring to life the vibrant world of Wish, immersing fans in the captivating stories and delightful interactions of these beloved characters. From Asha’s courageous spirit to King Magnifico’s regal charm, every page will be a reminder of the enchantment and wonder that awaits in the Wish universe.

Also Wish collection will be announced and made available on ShopDisney (Disney Store) starting October 2nd and the embargo on other toys and product licenses will be lifted a day earlier, on October 1st.

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