Here you can see new Disney Wish Lego Sets feature main characters from Disney 2023 musical animated movie Wish. All sets are set to be available in October, 2023.

“Asha in the City of Rosas” (43223) is a Lego set that features Asha, a tourist cart, and various market goods. The set includes a cart with a flag, which helps Asha locate and guide tourists during the tour. The marketplace tour showcases a staircase, a balcony, a back room with a table, and various market goods. The set also includes fun characters like Asha herself, her goat Valentino, and Star, adding a role-play element to the set. Set includes 154 pieces. Price – $19.99.

“King Magnifico’s Castle” (43224): This magnificent castle set invites builders to create their own adventures. In this set, you can join Asha on an adventure as you explore the magnificent castle of Rosas. Get ready to uncover the unexpected as you delve into the 4 levels of the castle. Alongside Asha, you’ll also meet other characters such as King Magnifico, Dahlia, and Star. The castle itself features four levels, each filled with delightful details waiting to be discovered. From the kitchen and bakery counter, where you can prepare delicious imaginary meals, to the fireplace complete with pots, pans, and a small oven, there’s no shortage of excitement. Don’t forget to open the mirrored wardrobe door to reveal hidden surprises, and explore King Magnifico’s secret lab space to see what he’s been up to! Open the pyramid dome to reveal the mesmerizing translucent wishing orbs. The set includes 613 pieces. Price – $99.99.

“Asha’s Cottage” (43231): In this set, you can build Asha’s charming round cottage and let your wishes come true. Join Asha, her family, and Star in this Disney Wish building set, and immerse yourself in the magic of everyday life in the Hamlet. The round cottage features hinged sides, allowing it to open up for easier access during playtime. As you explore the cottage, you’ll discover a collection of special story starters, including a table for family gatherings, a smiley-face cake for celebrations, a notebook for jotting down adventures, and a wishing well for making wishes come true. Four characters included in the set – Asha, Sakina, Sabino, and Star. You can embark on exciting role-play adventures with these characters and bring their tales to life in the cozy cottage setting. Set includes 509 pieces. Price – $49.99.

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