First look at new Mattel Singing Asha doll and Fashion Asha Doll From Disney Wish 2023 film. Here you can see Disney Wish Asha Travel doll (MRP – 21,99 pounds), Disney Wish Asha Singing Fashion Doll (MRP – 29,99 pounds) and Disney Wish Magical Moving and Talking Valentino, it’s interactive toy (MRP – 69,99 pounds). Other Wish plushes were already mentioned on the site. Dolls will be available from October.

Also other dolls and Wish toy set from Mattel will be announced very soon, includes Disney Wish Royal Family 2 pack dolls set, Disney Wish “Magic Star Playset”, Disney’s Wish The Teens Mini Doll Set, 8 Posable Dolls & Star Figure and others.

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